Interested in Working with OMNIA Partners as a Supplier Partner?

In order for a supplier to be a part of OMNIA Partners, the supplier needs to respond and be awarded a contract through a competitive solicitation process conducted by a lead public agency.

Since each contract in the OMNIA Partners portfolio is competitively solicited and publicly awarded by a government or education entity, there is no supplier signup procedure that allows participation in OMNIA Partners.

Before completing the solicitation mailing list form, you first need to:

  1. Check the OMNIA Partners Current Solicitations page for postings of Requests for Proposals issued by lead public agencies on behalf of the OMNIA Partners program.
  2. Review a copy of the OMNIA Partners Administrative Agreement, provided here.
  3. Read our Lead Agency Contracting Process overview here.


By filling out the form on this page, you will be added to our solicitation mailing list ONLY. Form submission DOES NOT automatically guarantee participation as an OMNIA Partners supplier.  Your business will be added to the notification database(s) that match the commodities or services that you have selected.

It is the sole responsibility of each company to maintain and keep their company's contact information current (e.g. contact name, email address, telephone number, etc.). All new solicitations will be sent to the e-mail address provided in this registration; therefore, it is imperative that the supplier maintains updated information.


Please note: All agreements offered through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector have been awarded via a thorough Request for Proposal (RFP) competitive solicitation by a public agency or governmental entity (e.g. state‚ city‚ county‚ public university or school district). The contracting process is the foundation of OMNIA Partners and sets us apart from other cooperatives. In order for even the most restrictive agencies nationwide to realize the best value offered by cooperative procurement‚ OMNIA Partners ensures that industry best practices‚ processes and procedures are applied.

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